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Celebrate being you

29 Apr

How the wind blows and messes up your hair! You are frowning but look at how many people might think it’s adorable.

The sun shining in your eyes making you close them half. While you are grumbling, others might think you are sexy looking through your eye lashes.

Celebrate all moments in life as if they are the last ones you have.

Would you really be so angry about missing your train if those clouds were be the last thing you saw?

Would you really be annoyed by a friend for ditching a get together if something bad would have happened while driving your way?

Would you?

I don’t think you would. You know why? Because I think that a self-loving person adores life in all her glory. Celebrating rain as a major clean up and dancing in the sun for the warmth it gives like a womb.

Celebrate yourself and embrace your life. Don’t be surprised if you smile more now…

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