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Woman’s crime

3 Dec

Being a woman is sometimes a crime

when seen in the falseness of others eyes

Being a woman is sometimes a secret
When exploring your inner self while growing up

Be sure what you want
As no one else will tell you
And when they do
It’s something they want, not you

Why would a restaurant have a menu?
A broker have a list?
An interviewer have a list of questions?
And your body having a heart and a brain?

It’s because no one can predict your answer
As well as you can

So start thinking what being a woman is to you
Start with your own questions instead of others
Understand your answers as you go
Create your own world to share with others
For being a woman is the secret of life

Discover it, because it will never be uncovered

Enjoy this process when you are a man

Because this cycle of joy is the best one you can see, if you can

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