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2 Dec water and dreams

The worst sound you can hear is a long beeeeeeeeep. Whether that is heard only by you, or also by others, it stresses a point. Make sure you never have to hear that long beep.

A rhytm is what makes life interesting. A way of hearing the sound in a repeating manner, where each time the sound, sounds as if hearing it for the first time.

A long beep is the end of things. Whether it is an actual life or a relationship. A long beep is the end.

Make sure you are excited in life so you keep longing for the next sound. Every vibre in your body longing for it. Make sure you are exciting too. Do not fall into false security of habits that do not stress a sound at all. They will only they start changing in an extended version until, before you know it, its a long beep. Unless you wanted the end, do not long fort his.

Go for the music that makes you happy. That wakes up your soul and opens up the eyes while smiling. Then think again, was this ever a long, dull beep?

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