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Wise decisions at a cross-road

4 May

Taking a wise decision does not mean it is satisfying in any other way on the moment you take it. I have struggled many times to know how to recognize a wise decision. Whether I will feel it or know it? Will I sense it or see it? To this day, I am not sure.

You feel like standing in front of a cross-road not knowing what road takes you to wisdom.

Will I follow the sign that points to the right and says: emotion or the one that points to the left and says: ratio? And why is no one talking about that little lake in front of you, one could swim that and go directly? There must be a reason others don’t do this, I wonder.

My own journey has went on emotional roads and on ratio roads, but to be honest, most of the times i swam across the lake.

I need to feel that i know i have made the wisest decision. That is my choice and i feel confident it is wise for me…

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