Surprisingly light lover

23 Mar

You want to eat but not specifically gain weight. Its common knowledge that less carbon in your food makes a lighter meal and.. bonus.. does not directly stick to your thighs and belly.

What if you feel like a pizza margharita but you are not willing to sacrifice your waist for it?


Then go fetch the following ingredients:

– 2 eggs
– 2 small tomatoes
– parmazan
– 1 teaspoon black pepper
– salt (less is better because parmazan is salty already)
– 2 spoons of olive oil

Now what?

Get a pan and drop the 2 spoons of olive oil in it and heat it up slowly so you can prepare the rest.
Take the washed tomatoes and get rid of the skin. Then slice them in 0,5 cm slices.

You can directly place them in the pan as it should be hot by now.
After 2 minutes you can add the eggs which you have put the seasoning in.

Let it cook on a low level so it can take its time. Then add the love ingredient to it, the parmazan..

After 2 minutes its done and ready to serve. You can always add some mozarella to it, but this version is the one with no strings attached 🙂

Enjoy and let me know how this one works for you!



Summer love salad

21 Mar

That breeze in your face, the sun on your arms and the love in your heart. But now you are hungry. What to eat that will not throw this feeling away but actually enhances it? The Summer Love Salad!


  • 100 gr goat cheese
  • 1 green sweet pepper
  • 2 medium sized tomatoes
  • 10-15 grapes (add more if you want)
  • 2 big spoons of corn
  • 200 gr of green salad
  • 50 gr leek
  • 200 gr melon (yellow one)
  • Dressing consists of:
  • 100 ml olive oil
  • 1 tea spoon of salt
  • hot pepper, as much as makes you happy


Now what?

Take the sweet pepper and slice it in 4 chunks, after you have washed it. Then take each chunk and slice it in even lines of about 0,5 cm.

Wash the tomatoes and slice them in even sizes cubes. Don’t peel of the skin! (half of the vitamines 🙂 )

Take the melon and do the same (of course here you do get rid of the skin..).

The goat cheese feels a bit mushy, which is good, but it does make it harder to get it into even chunks. Good news! They do not have to be! Just make small pieces and add them to the rest.

The grapes (preferably without the seed, if they do contain it, lose them!) are best divided in even slices.

Add the freshly washed corn and the green salad to the rest.

Take the dressing and mix it through the whole family (I prefer using my clean hands, but feel free).


Take this salad to where you were just enjoying the summer breeze and enjoy it. Maximum effect when you put on a Norah Jones cd!



A butterfly

21 Mar
A butterfly
Flies by
Feeling the breeze
Close my eyes
No seeing
Feeling and knowing
Whispers of joy
Warmth of the light
Inside my eyes
Feeling the breeze
A butterfly flies by..

Missed you

11 Mar


I have missed you

you simply left

heard others talk about you

filled with joy

anticipation and happyness

I have waited

impatiently I must admit

how I have been counting

weeks, days and hours

Here you are

You’ve send your friends ahead

Mr and Miss Butterfly

How I have missed you

but here you are

as if your leaving never occured

Warm me up

Holde me close

Filled with joy and carressed by a breeze

Welcome back

for Spring has begun

Rear view mirror

5 Jan

My rear view mirror
Always shows me what I have passed
Looking ahead I see objects, roads and people
They fly by
With a blink of my eye
But they stay in sight
In my rear view mirror
For a long time
Long enough to watch them more closely
But they are disfigured
My rear view mirror never shows me
The same view as when looking ahead
My feelings are led by what I saw
What I felt
My rear view mirror is disfiguring
Iswhat I am seeing now
Also what I saw?

Stop eating!

21 Dec

“Stop eating”, he said while shaking his head violently at the young boy. “Just stop it”.

The boy looked at him filled with surprise. His eyebrows up so far that they almost go into his hairline. He is confused as well. How can the old man say that. He had spoiled him for so long and now he was not allowed to indulge himself in the food that was brought in. For him actually.

The old man made a step towards the boy, in an attempt to scare him a bit. The only reaction he received was a smile. Which was actually pretty strange, as the eyebrows of the boy where still pretty high up his face. He almost looked like a clown. The boy turned around again while relaxing his face. He looked at all the fries, fruits and meats. They were so abnormally well decorated, all within his reach, that he started eating. A little strawberry, a big chunk of a steak and a bite of the chicken. He felt his belly grow just a little bit. He was not afraid as this has happened before. He knew exactly what to do when his stomach reached over his belt. He ate and he ate and he burbed between bites.

A disgusting sight, the old man thought by himself. A very disgusting sight. He could not believe he had let the boy in when he asked for shelter. He could never have guessed that a sweet, young, innocent looking boy could do so much damage to his house, his safe place. The place he called home.

The boy ate everything he could find. I did not matter whether it was made for eating or not. He just did not care. His sharp teeth and brutally strong muscles could master anything in sight.

The old man looked around in his house and clearly saw the damage. His windows were broken, which made it very cold inside.  He then looked at his comfortable sofa. Once, the best place to sit down after a long days work and relax. Now it looked miserable and more like a piece of junk at the side of a road. Ready to be picked up.

The young boy was standing in front of him. The old man was startled a little bit, but repositioned himself. He learned never to show his fear, to anyone, as they might use it against him. The boy kept looking at him with his eyebrows up as if he was awaiting an answer. The old man said, ‘what do you want, have you not done enough?”. He said it louder and more firmly than it sounded in his head.

The boy sat down and patted on the floor with his hand as if asking the man so sit next to him. The old man sat down and faced to boy. He had to look twice as he felt he recognized the eyes and when the boy spoke, he almost fainted. The voice.. it was his.

“You let me in, voluntarily, you asked me to feel comfortable and you showed me everything you love most”, the boy said. The old man nodded. It was true. He did everything that the boy said he did.  The boy continued,”you smiled when you were angry, you said stop when you actually wanted me out and you let me ruin everything you loved”. The man realised this was true as well.

“Of everything you have done”, the boy said asked, “did you ever think about why this happened”.

There was a long silent. Not awkward, but just so filled of emotions, that nearby birds that felt it weeped.

The old man started crying. He started talking out loud. “I did this all. I let you ruin my good fortune, my beloved belongings and I even let you take my pride”, the man said.

The boy did not blink. Not even once. He only looked back at the man. “Why”, he said calmly, “why did you do that?”.

The man realised that the moment he let guilt in, it started eating everything he had. He felt guilty for not asking that question, for not enjoying that moment, for not believing that story, for not cherishing that memory for not living his life.

Once he realised this, he opened up his eyes and found himself staring at the window of his living room. He turned around and saw that his favourite couch was looking as new, his windows were closed to keep the cold outside and his hands were different. He hands were of a young man. Strong and healthy. The man ran to his phone and dialed a number. After 3 rings the call was answered and he said, “hello,I miss you so much, can I come over?”






Woman’s crime

3 Dec

Being a woman is sometimes a crime

when seen in the falseness of others eyes

Being a woman is sometimes a secret
When exploring your inner self while growing up

Be sure what you want
As no one else will tell you
And when they do
It’s something they want, not you

Why would a restaurant have a menu?
A broker have a list?
An interviewer have a list of questions?
And your body having a heart and a brain?

It’s because no one can predict your answer
As well as you can

So start thinking what being a woman is to you
Start with your own questions instead of others
Understand your answers as you go
Create your own world to share with others
For being a woman is the secret of life

Discover it, because it will never be uncovered

Enjoy this process when you are a man

Because this cycle of joy is the best one you can see, if you can


2 Dec water and dreams

The worst sound you can hear is a long beeeeeeeeep. Whether that is heard only by you, or also by others, it stresses a point. Make sure you never have to hear that long beep.

A rhytm is what makes life interesting. A way of hearing the sound in a repeating manner, where each time the sound, sounds as if hearing it for the first time.

A long beep is the end of things. Whether it is an actual life or a relationship. A long beep is the end.

Make sure you are excited in life so you keep longing for the next sound. Every vibre in your body longing for it. Make sure you are exciting too. Do not fall into false security of habits that do not stress a sound at all. They will only they start changing in an extended version until, before you know it, its a long beep. Unless you wanted the end, do not long fort his.

Go for the music that makes you happy. That wakes up your soul and opens up the eyes while smiling. Then think again, was this ever a long, dull beep?

So you think you can live?

27 Nov

On my way

Running and wondering

Slipping and seeing great thinks in a close-up

Watch me move

Watch me watch myself as i grow

Green roads

Black walls

Red hearts winking at me

Trusting to be loved

Knowing i deserve it

Still on my way

Looking around and seeing all kinds of beautiful people

Some damaged, some bruised

All are smiling and dancing

As good as they can

As i good as a i can

While we are judged

So you think you can live?

Not ready to bow yet

So much more to show

Welcome back

14 Oct

When one is forced to leave their hobbies there must be something bigger they can’t abandon.

Something they love, can’t live without and above all, that something might be a someone.

When that someone is one of you loved ones, then all reasoning will take you to the following: nothing else truly matters… Realise it when you are faced with missing something you like (to do) or abandoning someone you love.  Make sure you mirror when you do, cause what if that someone was actually you…

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