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meaning of life

19 Jul

A little boy came to his dad and asked what the meaning of life is.

The man thought for seconds and minutes and found he had no clear answer.

He thought of the sun, the mountains and sea

and all the good times he had collected there

But when he started saying that, the boy looked up at him

With a big question mark

The dad stopped talking and asked him what was wrong

but the boy ran away to his mother

She had heard what her husband had said and smiled from the inside

She took the boy by his hand and walked through the garden

Her husband watched them as they walked right into the rain

She pointed out, all the flowers and trees

the little butterflies and grass

Then the smell of wet earth

She picked her son up and together they stood still

and then she said:

the sun and the rain are married to each other

so they can grow stuff on earth

the sea and the mountains wave at each other

so they do not forget about the other

i am holding you as if we are one

and if we look back we can see daddy

he is worried we will get sick

the love of life and the love for each other

is all that matters in life

one day, when you are bigger you will fully understand

but think back to this moment and realize

what the meaning of life truly is



Stop eating!

21 Dec

“Stop eating”, he said while shaking his head violently at the young boy. “Just stop it”.

The boy looked at him filled with surprise. His eyebrows up so far that they almost go into his hairline. He is confused as well. How can the old man say that. He had spoiled him for so long and now he was not allowed to indulge himself in the food that was brought in. For him actually.

The old man made a step towards the boy, in an attempt to scare him a bit. The only reaction he received was a smile. Which was actually pretty strange, as the eyebrows of the boy where still pretty high up his face. He almost looked like a clown. The boy turned around again while relaxing his face. He looked at all the fries, fruits and meats. They were so abnormally well decorated, all within his reach, that he started eating. A little strawberry, a big chunk of a steak and a bite of the chicken. He felt his belly grow just a little bit. He was not afraid as this has happened before. He knew exactly what to do when his stomach reached over his belt. He ate and he ate and he burbed between bites.

A disgusting sight, the old man thought by himself. A very disgusting sight. He could not believe he had let the boy in when he asked for shelter. He could never have guessed that a sweet, young, innocent looking boy could do so much damage to his house, his safe place. The place he called home.

The boy ate everything he could find. I did not matter whether it was made for eating or not. He just did not care. His sharp teeth and brutally strong muscles could master anything in sight.

The old man looked around in his house and clearly saw the damage. His windows were broken, which made it very cold inside.  He then looked at his comfortable sofa. Once, the best place to sit down after a long days work and relax. Now it looked miserable and more like a piece of junk at the side of a road. Ready to be picked up.

The young boy was standing in front of him. The old man was startled a little bit, but repositioned himself. He learned never to show his fear, to anyone, as they might use it against him. The boy kept looking at him with his eyebrows up as if he was awaiting an answer. The old man said, ‘what do you want, have you not done enough?”. He said it louder and more firmly than it sounded in his head.

The boy sat down and patted on the floor with his hand as if asking the man so sit next to him. The old man sat down and faced to boy. He had to look twice as he felt he recognized the eyes and when the boy spoke, he almost fainted. The voice.. it was his.

“You let me in, voluntarily, you asked me to feel comfortable and you showed me everything you love most”, the boy said. The old man nodded. It was true. He did everything that the boy said he did.  The boy continued,”you smiled when you were angry, you said stop when you actually wanted me out and you let me ruin everything you loved”. The man realised this was true as well.

“Of everything you have done”, the boy said asked, “did you ever think about why this happened”.

There was a long silent. Not awkward, but just so filled of emotions, that nearby birds that felt it weeped.

The old man started crying. He started talking out loud. “I did this all. I let you ruin my good fortune, my beloved belongings and I even let you take my pride”, the man said.

The boy did not blink. Not even once. He only looked back at the man. “Why”, he said calmly, “why did you do that?”.

The man realised that the moment he let guilt in, it started eating everything he had. He felt guilty for not asking that question, for not enjoying that moment, for not believing that story, for not cherishing that memory for not living his life.

Once he realised this, he opened up his eyes and found himself staring at the window of his living room. He turned around and saw that his favourite couch was looking as new, his windows were closed to keep the cold outside and his hands were different. He hands were of a young man. Strong and healthy. The man ran to his phone and dialed a number. After 3 rings the call was answered and he said, “hello,I miss you so much, can I come over?”







17 May

A bright light woke me up. It almost blinded my sight. For a second I forgot that this clear light has been waking me up for years. Every Friday morning at 8am. Not sure why I keep forgetting each time, I try to cover the bright light with my blanket. It is too strong, so I give up.

Standing up the wall across me is as bright as it can be as I am facing it and the light is coming from my belly. Not sure what other people will ever think of it, I have long decided not to tell anyone. Not even my best friends. I have been sure to hide it from everyone. No one in my household has it, I think. I am sure I have never seen it, at least.

The door knob moves and I realize the house has woken up. Everyone will start their morning ritual and so will I. I start washing my face ignoring the person in front of my door. I am good at this ignoring, it actually has become a habit. Sometimes I don’t even do it on purpose.

After I have washed my face, I start undressing to wash my body. While I think about what I need to do today, the light starts fading. And when, in thoughts, I have reached my evening tasks the light is completely off. Leaving behind a warm glow that I can only feel, but no person can see.

Rushing through the day, I start by cleaning my room and moving from room to room to finish my chores. Then I walk towards the market to do the daily groceries as always and as I walk I can see the market shows all colors of the world. Pure red tomatoes, brown cinnamon and the brightest color citrons.

My eyes will never get used to this amazing festival of colors. While walking I start thinking about them and how I would like them to be used to create miraculous art. I notice a person pointing towards my belly. I stand still to ask what is going on and then I see more and more people standing still. I look down and I freeze. Instantly. They are looking at me because I am a freak!

The people are now standing in a circle as if they are preparing me for the prison of freaks that I belong in. I can’t believe that after years my secret is revealed. My eyes become weary and my mind feels as if a hurricane has possessed it.

The oldest woman in the crowd walks up to me. No emotion I can read in her face that would scare me or would calm me down. She points a crooked finger at me and asks in a creeky voice, ‘what is that I see?

I feel sweat going past my spine and my legs shake. Panick is what will overwhelm me, I realize and I start feeling the urge to cry.

Then I notice people start to smile at me and I even hear the shoe-maker say to calm down. Somehow their words reach me and are reflected with ease in my mind.

She asks me again, ‘what is that light I see? I follow her finger to my belly and I answer that I don’t know and that I am sorry. She smiles at me and says, ‘now listen to your gut and tell me what that light is’.

I think for a second overwhelmed by the fact all people know my secret and are not judging me or wanting to lock me in a prison. Then I answer with a voice more confident than I necessarily feel, ‘it is my joy’. She looks at me and start to clap her hands. More people join her and start to clap their hands as well and before I knew it, the crowd was applauding. Pleasantly surprised I feel the light grow and grow until I feel enlighted. ‘Finally, you have let it shown, my dear’, the woman said, ‘your joy is what lightens up your life’. Then she took a step and touched my shoulder and whispered, ‘now tell me, what makes you happy’.

The crowd is silent and looks at me full of excitement and then I feel the answer clearly written in my head. As if projected by my soul and I say, ‘what makes me happy is to use colors and pencils and make the most beautiful drawings to capture the beauty of life’.

I wake up by the tears running past my cheeks and I look at my paintings at the wall and the one I am still working on. A sudden feeling of peace comes upon me and I smile. I smile for I have been enlightened. I have decrypted what is my joy and therefore will never have a dark day again..

Listen to your gut feeling and start looking for that light in you!

Stop lying to me!

2 May

As I walk through the bushes of life where each flower is a soul I keep thinking about it. Why would he do that? In my face, as if I am someone worth lying to. Then the road stops.. Without a sign. It just stops. I lean over to see what is next, but the only thing I see is fog. I blink my eyes a few times and wait for the fog to clear up. Curious as I am, I can’t leave until I can see what I will find at the end of the road.

Then I hear something. Very clear. A bird singing and water moving. I look down and see a waterfall. it moves and moves and I become dizzy and try to hold on to a tree next to me. Mistaking the distance, I grasp air and I can feel myself tumble over.

I see his face, clear with every freckle he has, and smiling. Anger is pushed far away from the feelings of love that I feel towards him. I push my arms above my head and I grasp for air as I am moved violently through the river. A glimpse of the waterfall makes me realize, I must have fell hard, but only my right arm feels bruised. The water cools down and I climb out if it. My breathing is hard and I am fighting not to fall into unconsciousness. After a few minutes my heart get’s his old rhythm back but then I start panicking. Where am I and how I am going to get out of here? I don’t recognize anything here!

A small squirrel jumps next to me and I am startled for a second. The brown squirrel with black spots on her face, like freckles, looks up to me for a second. Then jumps away and I start following her. Getting up did not hurt, so I must not have any other bruises.

Just when I turn around a tree, he is standing there. His freckled face tanned by the sun.

‘I am sorry’, he says, ‘I didn’t mean to’. I watch him and while hearing his words, confused. Where am I, where is the squirrel and how did he find me? ‘I am sorry’, he says again, ‘don’t be so harsh for yourself’.

Am I harsh to myself? I don’t think so. What makes him say that?

‘You want to be the best in class, but you forget you need to be the best you can be’, he whispers, ‘and that is never better than others…but only different’.

He sighed and stares at me for a few seconds then says softly, ‘ Stop lying to yourself and start living your life as it is. You truly are amazing but if you keep copying, there will be nothing left from your vibrant, enthusiastic and loving personality’.

I watch his face slowly change and I start recognizing my own freckles and my own voice as his voice becomes softer. How can this be, I think to myself, but with no feel of fear.

Taking a deep breath I feel myself fall and fall and fall, until I hit something hard. Opening my eyes, I can see my bag, my chair, my bed and my dressoir. I fell of my bed? I stand up and look into my mirror. My face and my freckles and I promise myself right there and then that I will never lie to myself again, for I love ‘I’ to much!

Pondering in thoughts and feeling strong by the new resolution I made to myself, I smile and walk away while rubbing my right arm…

The secret of happiness

28 Apr

Tell me, tell me! What is the big secret everyone keeps talking about? I hear people whisper in the small streets, hiding their mouths. I cant read what they are saying, but i feel the need to know. A secret that will help me be happy for ever.

Never feeling unhappy again looking at others or thinking about possessions i do not have. That idea fills me with joy already. I am willing to pay the person that reveals this secret to me, all I have. I would sell my house, my expensive clothes and even any valuable coins i might have hidden in my closet out of sight for burglars. Just tell me what i need to know to be happy.

Running through the streets i figure that once i know the secret, I can be the richest person alive. I would market it and sell it for more money than I can imagine. The money would make me happy AND the secret.

I stumble and fall while hitting my head against a rock. I feel dizzy and I am starting to feel the urge of throwing up. Slowly I open my eyes and I see a small boy looking at me. Smiling, while holding something in his hands. It’s a unicorn toy. He looks down on me, although i am much taller than he is. Then i realise i am still on the ground. Moving my head gives me a strong headache so I decide to rest for a while.

‘What happened’, I asked the boy. He smiles at me and points to a rope 2 inches above the ground, held tight between a tree and a little wall. Someone tricked me, I realize! When looking back at the boy, he smiles as if in the knowing that he is the one responsible for my fall.

‘No, I am not’, he speaks in a soft voice. I look at him, still feeling anger but very surprised as his voice is mature and calm. ‘You tricked yourself’, he said, never losing his smile.

‘How do you mean I tricked myself’, I asked the boy, while remembering that I need to continue my search.

‘You have yourself, your body, your mind, your believes, your friends, your family and above all your sanity and still you are not happy’, the boy said and then asked, ‘why?’

‘Because there must be more than this’, I replied, not very sure of my own answer.

The boy starts laughing and says,’yes, there is more, but you are too blind to see it’. I frown and start thinking about my own life. I have a wife that loves me, children that adore me and friends that love to spend time with me. What else can there be, for me to be more happy, I think to myself.

It is as if the boy hears my own thoughts. ‘You need to realize what you have and be content about it’, he says, ‘then you need to make sure you keep reminding yourself so you don’t forget’.

The sun blinds me and i blink a few times. When i get up, the boy is gone. Where he was standing, I can see a velvet rose growing. One single velvet rose, but blossoming as if nurtured by angels. I turn around and see the tree, the wall but no rope and then i start running. Running over the hill, through the small streets where I find a flower shop and I buy seeds.

Once I am home I plant the seeds and smile at my wife. She smiles back and I now realize, the biggest bottleneck to see the secret of happiness is my own greediness. I now own a whole garden full of velvet roses, reminding me every day to smile at how the secret changed my life.

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