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Smile in the face of adversity

23 Apr

I have heard it before. It was said to me when work was difficult and inner strenght made the difference. The smile was not always seen from the outside, but the glow was. That is how one should live his life. When it gets tough, just smile. Its the best surprise attack you will ever come up with. And the other one? He will probably smile back or walk away, as he has no munition against it…



meaning of life

19 Jul

A little boy came to his dad and asked what the meaning of life is.

The man thought for seconds and minutes and found he had no clear answer.

He thought of the sun, the mountains and sea

and all the good times he had collected there

But when he started saying that, the boy looked up at him

With a big question mark

The dad stopped talking and asked him what was wrong

but the boy ran away to his mother

She had heard what her husband had said and smiled from the inside

She took the boy by his hand and walked through the garden

Her husband watched them as they walked right into the rain

She pointed out, all the flowers and trees

the little butterflies and grass

Then the smell of wet earth

She picked her son up and together they stood still

and then she said:

the sun and the rain are married to each other

so they can grow stuff on earth

the sea and the mountains wave at each other

so they do not forget about the other

i am holding you as if we are one

and if we look back we can see daddy

he is worried we will get sick

the love of life and the love for each other

is all that matters in life

one day, when you are bigger you will fully understand

but think back to this moment and realize

what the meaning of life truly is



8 Apr

sometimes you need to stress that you need to stretch in order to reach


i am

6 Apr


not sure what to say
what can express
my storm
my sunshine
my angels
my point of view
how i can feel
then realise
then truly live it
my baby back
however,can i express
what i feel
but i do know
i am know
yes i am again


1 Apr

Just knowing the drill. Just knowing the flow. Just knowing the way. Just stealing the show. Every day, with arms open and wide. I celebrate life with my loved ones on my side.

A butterfly

21 Mar
A butterfly
Flies by
Feeling the breeze
Close my eyes
No seeing
Feeling and knowing
Whispers of joy
Warmth of the light
Inside my eyes
Feeling the breeze
A butterfly flies by..

Missed you

11 Mar


I have missed you

you simply left

heard others talk about you

filled with joy

anticipation and happyness

I have waited

impatiently I must admit

how I have been counting

weeks, days and hours

Here you are

You’ve send your friends ahead

Mr and Miss Butterfly

How I have missed you

but here you are

as if your leaving never occured

Warm me up

Holde me close

Filled with joy and carressed by a breeze

Welcome back

for Spring has begun

Rear view mirror

5 Jan

My rear view mirror
Always shows me what I have passed
Looking ahead I see objects, roads and people
They fly by
With a blink of my eye
But they stay in sight
In my rear view mirror
For a long time
Long enough to watch them more closely
But they are disfigured
My rear view mirror never shows me
The same view as when looking ahead
My feelings are led by what I saw
What I felt
My rear view mirror is disfiguring
Iswhat I am seeing now
Also what I saw?

Woman’s crime

3 Dec

Being a woman is sometimes a crime

when seen in the falseness of others eyes

Being a woman is sometimes a secret
When exploring your inner self while growing up

Be sure what you want
As no one else will tell you
And when they do
It’s something they want, not you

Why would a restaurant have a menu?
A broker have a list?
An interviewer have a list of questions?
And your body having a heart and a brain?

It’s because no one can predict your answer
As well as you can

So start thinking what being a woman is to you
Start with your own questions instead of others
Understand your answers as you go
Create your own world to share with others
For being a woman is the secret of life

Discover it, because it will never be uncovered

Enjoy this process when you are a man

Because this cycle of joy is the best one you can see, if you can


2 Dec water and dreams

The worst sound you can hear is a long beeeeeeeeep. Whether that is heard only by you, or also by others, it stresses a point. Make sure you never have to hear that long beep.

A rhytm is what makes life interesting. A way of hearing the sound in a repeating manner, where each time the sound, sounds as if hearing it for the first time.

A long beep is the end of things. Whether it is an actual life or a relationship. A long beep is the end.

Make sure you are excited in life so you keep longing for the next sound. Every vibre in your body longing for it. Make sure you are exciting too. Do not fall into false security of habits that do not stress a sound at all. They will only they start changing in an extended version until, before you know it, its a long beep. Unless you wanted the end, do not long fort his.

Go for the music that makes you happy. That wakes up your soul and opens up the eyes while smiling. Then think again, was this ever a long, dull beep?

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