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The chair and the leg

26 Feb

No, I don’t care! I stared and just couldn’t respond. I couldn’t think of anything that could be a possible answer to what I had just heard. He didn’t care at all? After all this time? But, we were together from the start. Made from the same wood. We have been like one. I have helped you up and kept you steady. I lifted weight for you and I never thought about myself.

I still don’t care, he said without hesitation. You see, I don’t need you really. And have you seen yourself? You are not what you used to be. Not what I signed up to. He sighed and looked at me. I have three more of your kind. That should do it.

I was hurt and disgusted at how easy he was able to let me go. After what felt like hours but couldn’t have been more than a few seconds I was thrown out. Next to the garbage bags. I was garbage apparently. Of no use. And why? Just because part of me was broken. And not even by my own fault. He asked me to be strong, to be steady and to hold the huge load that he accepted to be hold. It wasn’t even my choice! I felt the cold as it grew dark and couldn’t help but shiver.

Suddenly I felt a hand around me. Holding me and then I saw a big smile. I found a stick, the boy screamed in a happy voice. He can’t be older than 12 years old. He picked me up and took me to his home. Dad, he said, can you help me make this wooden stick into a bat? His dad looked at me and took me in his hands as he turned me around and around. Yeah, I guess I can. It is quite a strong kind of wood son. The boy jumped up and down of joy and I started to feel like I had a new home.

The next day his dad took me to their garage and started fixing me until I looked like a new bat. As soon as the boy came from school he ran into the garage and saw me waiting for him. He took me out and ran to pick up his friends for a game of baseball. For the next years to come I had found my new purpose and he kept bringing me to his dad whenever I needed a quick fix. They kept me strong. When summer season was over they would cover me in a special bag until the sun started to show warmth again. He took me to high school and to college. I was happy and I almost never thought about the chair anymore. But when I did, I would feel a sting in my heart. So I have made it a habbit to think of something good as soon as this happened. How we used to laugh when we lifted something light as it was easy but also how we anticpiated the worse when something heavy would come by. I decided to focuson the good times instead of the awful goodbye.

One sunny day I was picked up again for a good game of baseball. Suddenly I saw he chair on top of a pile of garbage that was about to be picked up. Three legs and damaged as if he was kept in a garage for a long time without being repared. I stood next to him but he didnt recognize me. He just looked right through me and before I could say anything he was picked up and taken to recycling. My heart cried a little bit. The boy saw me and said, look he is going to find his new purpose shortly as well. Maybe he will become the frame of a painting or part of some other wooden product. I smiled from the inside as I hoped he would feel the same as I did right now. A new purpose without losing myself. Then I felt a strong wave of air as I was swung and young men were cheering as I just sent the ball over the fence.





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