Run before you are broken

6 Dec

The other day I was just minding my own business and going through my social media page. One of my friends had posted a video of a commercial in Germany. Needless to say it was sharp, direct, brutal and what surprised me full of emotion! That is not how i perceive our German neighbours!

It took me quite some time t be able to watch it again. Because it hits a nerve. A vulnerable one. The one of our elderly that are somehow forgotten. Forgotten because the Knicks play or Ajax, or because you have a new smartphone or car. Not because they are easily forgotten… oh no.. it’s because people suffer from emotional deprivation. And because of that they simply don’t think that what they are doing is wrong..

No, not until it’s too late. And that smartphone that could have been used to Skype with your parents is out of date. The car that you could have driven to them to celebrate any day just because they are still with you is out of order. Broken down. Just like you are. But a car can be fixed or replaced. But whatever part is broken within you will never be fixed. It’s not a small dent… it’s broken.

Run, call, drive but do something. Before it’s too late and you find yourself in pieces. Regretting the moment you chose to be free and now you are chained forever.

Watch the Movie










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