Self – development

31 May

Not changing a bit and still becoming better and better. Actually not wanting to change but believing you are getting better. I have seen a lot of people in my life that fall in the second category but believe they are in the first. How do I know this? Simple. In any conversation, where people say: that is just ridiculous what you believe in’ or ‘not sure what you are saying but I am still nodding’ and the best one ‘whatever, we are just different’, the second category is taking part of the conversation.

Closing your eyes for other believes, values and backgrounds means you will never be able to defend what you stand for as you do not know against what you are defending it. But mostly, you will not be able to improve yourself. You will stay the same, but more rigid as you will not grow in an elastic way but more like built in concrete. That can make you survive serious bad weather but definitely not an earth quake.  Start making changes by giving people the chance to speak without negatively commenting on them and start listening. You will see tha, this would be your first day of development.

Change and develop for you have no choice!


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