The secret of happiness

28 Apr

Tell me, tell me! What is the big secret everyone keeps talking about? I hear people whisper in the small streets, hiding their mouths. I cant read what they are saying, but i feel the need to know. A secret that will help me be happy for ever.

Never feeling unhappy again looking at others or thinking about possessions i do not have. That idea fills me with joy already. I am willing to pay the person that reveals this secret to me, all I have. I would sell my house, my expensive clothes and even any valuable coins i might have hidden in my closet out of sight for burglars. Just tell me what i need to know to be happy.

Running through the streets i figure that once i know the secret, I can be the richest person alive. I would market it and sell it for more money than I can imagine. The money would make me happy AND the secret.

I stumble and fall while hitting my head against a rock. I feel dizzy and I am starting to feel the urge of throwing up. Slowly I open my eyes and I see a small boy looking at me. Smiling, while holding something in his hands. It’s a unicorn toy. He looks down on me, although i am much taller than he is. Then i realise i am still on the ground. Moving my head gives me a strong headache so I decide to rest for a while.

‘What happened’, I asked the boy. He smiles at me and points to a rope 2 inches above the ground, held tight between a tree and a little wall. Someone tricked me, I realize! When looking back at the boy, he smiles as if in the knowing that he is the one responsible for my fall.

‘No, I am not’, he speaks in a soft voice. I look at him, still feeling anger but very surprised as his voice is mature and calm. ‘You tricked yourself’, he said, never losing his smile.

‘How do you mean I tricked myself’, I asked the boy, while remembering that I need to continue my search.

‘You have yourself, your body, your mind, your believes, your friends, your family and above all your sanity and still you are not happy’, the boy said and then asked, ‘why?’

‘Because there must be more than this’, I replied, not very sure of my own answer.

The boy starts laughing and says,’yes, there is more, but you are too blind to see it’. I frown and start thinking about my own life. I have a wife that loves me, children that adore me and friends that love to spend time with me. What else can there be, for me to be more happy, I think to myself.

It is as if the boy hears my own thoughts. ‘You need to realize what you have and be content about it’, he says, ‘then you need to make sure you keep reminding yourself so you don’t forget’.

The sun blinds me and i blink a few times. When i get up, the boy is gone. Where he was standing, I can see a velvet rose growing. One single velvet rose, but blossoming as if nurtured by angels. I turn around and see the tree, the wall but no rope and then i start running. Running over the hill, through the small streets where I find a flower shop and I buy seeds.

Once I am home I plant the seeds and smile at my wife. She smiles back and I now realize, the biggest bottleneck to see the secret of happiness is my own greediness. I now own a whole garden full of velvet roses, reminding me every day to smile at how the secret changed my life.


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