Busy being happy?

27 Apr

All my friends respond the same way to my question: How are you?

Answer 1: good, busy, pff
Answer 2: busy, good, thanks, pff
Answer 3: in the middle of everything, good, busy
Answer 4: busy and you?
Answer 5: why, do i look tired?

As you might have noticed, we are all busy. But really, what are we doing?

We are working our butts off to be a good team player at work trying to get that promotion or at least not to get fired in the next reorganization project.
Looking at the models in the magazines we realize, we need to be slimmer, stronger and more athletic.
But don’t forget that the models are also telling us, that our make up colors need to be updated according to this season’s what’s hot/ what’s so not! We need more muscles and a six pack. Don’t get me started on the fashion hypes and trends!

The above is just a stress-less day as we need to count the feeling of guilt about the friends we forgot to call or mail back, while doing the groceries because we don’t want to be known as unhealthy/ always eating out freaks. In the meantime we are texting our partners and checking on the kids if we have them. We haven’t even reached the level of having read all the magazines our friends are talking about or watched the movies that our co-workers keep suggesting to us.

It’s a wonder we don’t all have heart attacks each Saturday as our body is trying to adjust to sleeping in for an extra hour!

Basically, we are busy being happy…

Let’s try and take 30 minutes a day in which we put our phones on silent and don’t talk to anyone. It would be hard in the beginning, but just try and you will feel better afterwards. Go for a walk (even better if you have a dog), take a bath with candles with a fragrance or just sit in your garden, balcony and stare. Focus on a tree, a car or a cloud and just stare. If you have a very dynamic household, then go out of the house for that walk or take yoga classes.

You will feel you are bored and restless within 10 seconds, i can assure you! But hold on!

Stop being busy being happy, but take a moment for yourself to charge up. Then continue being busy with your life. Look in the mirror and see your smile 🙂


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